Re-Introducing… Gritte!

I adopted Gritte from Courtney/Sailor B back in Fall 2004. Gritte is a sweetheart and I’ve always loved photographing her, but I always felt like she needed a little change. I got up the courage to give her a little makeover last weekend – gave her a haircut so now she has a sweet wavy bob, swapped out her eyemech from SBL to EBL, re-painted/re-shaped her lips as well as give her new eyeshadow and blush. Now I think she’s the cutie pie she’s meant to be.

What Gritte looked like before

. . . . .
Dress made by me
Crocheted hat by Jean at

One response to “Re-Introducing… Gritte!

  1. LoveHina

    She was pretty before, and she looks great now!

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