All the patterns here were created by me, using Adobe Illustrator and saved as PDF files. To view and print, you will need a copy of Adobe Reader, then print on 8 1/2″ x 11″ letter-sized paper. I’ve tried the patterns and I like my dolly clothes to fit snugly. If you like loose fit, you will have to adjust the patterns accordingly.

Any feedback/suggestion is always welcome; just comment below to leave me a note. Have fun!

[Please Note] If you have enjoyed my patterns, please consider supporting my site by donating any amount you see fit. I don’t mind if you use my patterns to make items for sale as long as I am credited – it takes a lot of time and effort to make my own patterns and to make them free to everyone in the doll community. Thank you!

Basic Knitted Hat  new!
I love to knit and I think everyone should too! I created this basic knitted hat for Blythe using DK-weight yarn that’s quick and easy for an advanced-beginner. You will need to know basics such as cast on, bind off, the knit stitch, the purl stitch, simple decrease (k2tog), some experience with DPNs, and make a pom-pom. The end result is a super-cute knitted hat!

Download PDF

All Spruced Up
I love retro style clothing for my girls, and vintage Skipper doll’s “All Spruced Up” dress is one of my favorites. After losing a few auctions on eBay, I decided to try to make my own, and this is the result!

Use a patterned fabric for the bodice/sleeves and a solid color for the collar/cuffs for a classy look. Attaching the cuffs could be a bit tricky, so you might want to make a practice one first. Press before attaching the pieces.

Download PDF

Boatneck Tee
This top was inspired by the vintage Skipper dress set “Ship Ahoy.” With or without stripes, a simple, versatile top is a must-have in every Blythe wardrobe. The pattern itself is straight-forward and is fast and easy to put together. If you are using a cotton t-shirt material, I suggest hand-sewing around the neckhole and sleeve seams.

Download PDF

Tulip Skirt
The skirt was also inspired by vintage Skipper, from the dress set “Dog Show.” It may take more than one try to put it together, but it is a very cute skirt that can be mixed and matched with many pieces. I used pink corduroy and it was very easy to sew together. You can also try using different colors for the inside panels or different material such as wool or tweed to complete a winter wardrobe.

Download PDF

Aloha Dress
The aloha dress came from an idea to redesign the original “Aloha Sprit” dress set from Takara.

I decided to make my version of “Aloha Spirit” a versatile and flattering A-line dress that will look great even if you don’t use a Hawaiian-print fabric.

Download PDF

20 responses to “Patterns

  1. Corine

    What a nice site you made.
    My daughter and I are new in the world of Blythe.
    She just got her first doll and she is called Lizzy.
    And now it’s up to mom to create clothes.
    Wich mom thinks is a “terrible” job.
    I never played with Barbie’s when I was young only creating clothes from pieces of fabric. So mom is back in years and has fun with her daughter.
    greetz Corine

    • Thanks so much Corine for your kind words, much appreciated! Lizzy is very lucky to have handmade clothes! So glad to hear both you and your daughter are having fun together.

  2. vitazza

    Thank You for Sharing your lovely patterns.

  3. Hello! Your site is lovely! I really like your patterns. I have a pullip and a blythe (naked, of course) and I wanted to make clothes for them. Im veeeery bad at sewing, so using patterns, especially your patterns, made it more easy for me. Thanks a lot! x3

  4. Cheryl

    Thank you for posting the patterns. I am new to Blythe (I don’t have a doll yet) but wanted to make some clothes and the patterns are out of print and very expensive. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  5. Thanks so much for these great patterns. Can’t wait to get started sewing. The woolly hat is my go to hat pattern!

  6. Connie

    Thank you for posting the patterns! I just bought my first Blythe. Thanks to you she will have something to wear!

  7. Thanks so much. I have a Pullip Doll. She fits in most Barbie clothes.

  8. Thank you so much for sharing your excellent patterns! I found you over at You Tube, and although I don’t understand German, I really enjoyed your video on how to make a Blythe T Shirt – Thank you!!!!!!! I have recently become obsessed with Blythe, I do not own one yet but hope to perhaps get one for my birthday in May! 😉 That doesn’t stop me making clothes for her!!! Thank you once again. Do you still blog??? Kind regards! Vikki x

  9. Lisa Klics

    Thank you so much for your beautiful patterns!!

  10. Naeobi

    Just a heads, it’s 2017, and your patterns are still wonderful, modifying slightly for Only Hearts dolls, but still so easy to follow and work with!! Thank you for keeping them up all this time. 🙂

    • You’re welcome! I still love Blythe. Although I am no longer active in the community, I’m happy to keep the patterns up for those who would like to give the patterns a try. 🙂

  11. Mônica

    Thanks a million for such kindness. I wish I can do these.

  12. Majo

    Zo leuk sinds kort ook 2 meisjes in huis .dank voor de mooie patroontjes .helaat kan ik het retrospectief jurkje niet printen

  13. Janet Panecki

    I’ve downloaded several of your patterns and they are very enticing – I am very eager to make some of them – I am new to Blythe. I am so happy you still have these patterns available.

  14. I love these! I’m leading a group on Facebook called Blythe Sew Along with Teri. I linked the members to this site and I’m very excited to try your patterns out! Thank you!!!

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