Meet Gibby… Again

20121215 Miss Globe Trekker

Hi Gibby! ^___^

She may look familiar to you… yes it’s Gibby, my Tailor Gibson! I decided to send her over to Kate at Chantilly Lace Customs for a makeover. I’ve always adored Kate’s work, so I was really happy to get on her wait list and so excited when she contacted me to send Gibby over!

Kate did such a great job. Gibby has such a lovely little smile that I can’t stop looking at her! Kate worked with me to really make Gibby just the way I wanted. I love her earthy coloring and all her eye colors too. Gibby arrived just in time for Christmas, and it felt like she was a brand new dolly again. I am so happy with how she turned out.

20121222 Gibby in Funny Bunny

Here she is wearing a perfect outfit by Helena at Funny Bunny. Helena’s outfits are the best!

20130315 Gibby in Button Arcade

And here she is again, modeling a dress we got from Kyle at Button Arcade. So very perfect for Spring!

I’ve already brought her to two doll meets so far and can’t wait to take more photos of her.

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