Noe’s Hoop Chair

20130525 Noe's Hoop Chair

B picked up a doll-sized hoop chair while out thrifting! Noe and Henri are testing it out 😀

Noe’s dress is by Maggie/Parasol Doll ❤

Caitlyn in a Schoolhouse Dress

20130505 caitlyn 1

Caitlyn hasn’t been photographed in a while, I thought it appropriate for her to wear this amazing schoolhouse dress made by Melissa/Super*Junk. I’ve been hoarding this dress since October 2010 and didn’t open the pkg until now, haha.

Since I got her all dressed up, we had to go outside to take advantage of the spring flowers in the yard! I was on my knees and got covered in pollen (thank goodness I’m not allergic to pollen!), but I loved how the photos turned out. Dollies and flowers are just so perfect to photograph together.

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