The Magic Hour

20120415 alex 1

I took Alex outside in the yard with me on a nice Spring evening, a little before the sun was about to set. The hour before sunset is the “Magic Hour,” because the light is just really amazing.

20120415 alex 2

I’m really happy with her! Her coloring is lovely and she photographs so well with all the spring flowers in my yard!

20120415 alex 3

Alex with some blooming alstroemeria.

20120415 alex 4

All the traipsing around is tiring! Let’s take a nap on the grass 😀
Have a lovely day everyone!

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Alex’s dress is made by Hsin/Miss72

Meet Alex!

20120401 Alex: 1

Meet Alex, a new xoxoBlythe girl!

Alex arrived sometime last week. I haven’t brought a new girl into the family since Summer 2010 so she was a breath of fresh air 🙂 “Where did she come from? What kind of Blythe is she?” You may ask. Well, her exact origins are unknown – Alex is a little mystery. A very nice friend arranged for Alex to travel from Asia to San Francisco and then to LA to join the xoxoBlythe household. All I know is, she has had enough traveling and is ready to settle down for good.

20120401 Alex: 2

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