Oscar Night

This is such a fun photo project. Oscar Night! the girls can’t actually go to the Oscars but they got all dressed up at home anyway 😉

Bella @ the Oscars
Bella likes the starlet look with a up-do and bright blue print
Emma @ the Oscars
Emma opted for the classic, off-the-shoulder gray silk gown
Josie @ the Oscars
Josie chose the Italian silk with op-art print, very “La Dolce Vita”
Cami @ the Oscars
And Cami is rock n roll all the way! Black silk chiffon with a peek-a-boo skirt showing off her boots!

The girls had so much fun playing dress-up! Big thanks to Miss Gretchen for the great tip of using silk scarves and to Devon for the wonderfully creative topic in the first place!

Josie the Flower girl

I started off by taking some pics of a vintage Skipper Flower Girl dress I intend on selling. And then I thought, “oh wouldn’t it be nice to put the dress on Josie, since she’s got the yellow hair to match,” and then, “oh wouldn’t it be cute if I go outside and snip off a yellow lantana blossom from the front yard to make her a flower girl bouquet because it’s yellow and shaped like a sphere!”

Well, one thing lead to another… and this is what I ended up with. A yellow-haired girl wearing a yellow dress holding a yellow bouquet. Haha!

Flower Girl