Meet Gibby… Again

20121215 Miss Globe Trekker

Hi Gibby! ^___^

She may look familiar to you… yes it’s Gibby, my Tailor Gibson! I decided to send her over to Kate at Chantilly Lace Customs for a makeover. I’ve always adored Kate’s work, so I was really happy to get on her wait list and so excited when she contacted me to send Gibby over!

Kate did such a great job. Gibby has such a lovely little smile that I can’t stop looking at her! Kate worked with me to really make Gibby just the way I wanted. I love her earthy coloring and all her eye colors too. Gibby arrived just in time for Christmas, and it felt like she was a brand new dolly again. I am so happy with how she turned out.
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New Girl in the House

Oh my! How much more Middie cuteness can you handle?! #blythe #doll

Oh my! How much more Middie cuteness can you handle?!

Apparently, I couldn’t resist after three or so years. I had been avoiding Middies at doll meets because, well, I just didn’t want to get sucked in! But after seeing a few at the most recent meet, I caved.

I just happened to catch a last-minute order at HLJ for Jackie Ramone before they were sold out.

I think her name is going to be Scout…!