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Who says playing with dolls is just for little girls? I’m not afraid to say: Yes, I am a grownup, I play with dolls, and I’m proud of it!

I have been obsessed with Blythe dolls since Summer 2003. At first, like most people who first meet her, I thought Blythe was a little spooky-looking. But the more photos I looked at, the more intrigued I became with her lively and ever-changing expressions. Having seen Gina‘s amazing photos of Blythe fascinated me even more. Soon I longed to have a Blythe doll of my very own to dress up and photograph. Finally, a few weeks later, I got my very first Blythe doll.

Collecting Blythe dolls is one of the best things that has happened to me. I seriously don’t pass a day without thinking dolly thoughts, and when I go places, I see in dolly vision: I keep an eye out for dolly-sized things when I go shopping, and I look for interesting locations to take pictures of my girls. The possibilities and fun are endless!

Ever since Blythe came into my life, I have been dabbling in photography, sewing, and knitting, things I never thought I would be into. Blythe has brought much joy and happiness into my life. I’ve also been very lucky to have met some wonderful people who became my friends. It’s amazing to think I’ve been in the Blythe community for almost ten years!

If you have a Blythe site and would like to do a link exchange, or if you just want to drop a note to say hi, leave a message below or contact me at linda[at]xoxoBlythe[dot]com. Thanks for visiting!

Oh and I am able to read/write Chinese.
會中文的娃友可以用中文留言給我哦! ^__^


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