Summer update & new girls!

It’s been a while since I updated! I haven’t been doing much of sewing lately, but since I last wrote, two new girls have joined the family:

20090214 FrFr 4
Reese – Friendly Freckles


20090607 edith 2
Edith Millicent – Miss Sally Rice

I just can’t get enough of RBLs! I’m also really excited about the August 2009 Blythe which is called Punkaholic People. She has a black bob cut with bangs, and comes with an adorable outfit and guitar. I’m most likely going to pre-order her when she becomes available. [photo]

I’ll be going on summer holiday soon, and aside from packing, I have to decide which girl to bring with me and how much dolly clothes to bring. This is always a dilemma as I now have (oops) 24 girls to think about.

Hope you’re having a fabulous summer!