Kimono Girl

a photo op came up after i made some Spam Musubi for a potluck/bbq this afternoon (trust me, it tastes way better than it sounds!). Spam Musubi originated from Japanese-Hawaiian families, and it’s one of the must-haves at a party or get-together. after i was done, i decided to get Leigh all dressed up in a little kimono just for fun.

Spam Musubi anyone?

i’m off to get ready for my potluck/bbq – hope you’re all having a good Monday! =)

Afternoon with Caitlyn

We started off on the front lawn…

 “let’s go for a walk!”
 we stopped in front of a jacaranda tree full of bright lavender blossoms

under a big jacaranda tree at the park. isn’t that pretty?

taking a rest off the beaten path

let’s do this everyday!

Our First Doll Meet

just finished uploading pics from today’s blythe gathering in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles.
i’m *almost* dollied-out… almost, but not quite. 😉
took over 120 photos but only about half were semi-decent.


 All my photos are here in my Flickr!

it was great to finally meet everyone and see the faces behind the avatars. and it was so cool to finally meet some legendary Bs. I believe we made a record for the most Bs at a gathering in North America with 96 dollies!

Cami in Her Sunday Best

Finally got a chance to take some photos of Cami in her new Sunday Very Best outfit… most of my dolly photos are taken indoors on my desk so it was a nice change to be outside. And boy was it sunny out there!

She looked all lady-like in the previous photos, but this is the real Cami:


Leigh has a new sister and her name is Caitlyn 🙂

I got her a few weeks ago in need of some TLC, so I sent her over to Melissa‘s for a bit of R&R. Thank you so much Melissa for taking such great care of her. She looks so happy now!

Yesterday Today and Tomorrow

Miss Leigh admires the Brunfelsia Pauciflora bush in my backyard. The common name for it is “Yesterday Today and Tomorrow” because the flowers gradually change colors over the course of three days: from purple to light lavender and to white. I always loved the name of the plant because doesn’t it sound like it should be a Beatles song?