Noe’s Hoop Chair

20130525 Noe's Hoop Chair

B picked up a doll-sized hoop chair while out thrifting! Noe and Henri are testing it out 😀

Noe’s dress is by Maggie/Parasol Doll ❤

Caitlyn in a Schoolhouse Dress

20130505 caitlyn 1

Caitlyn hasn’t been photographed in a while, I thought it appropriate for her to wear this amazing schoolhouse dress made by Melissa/Super*Junk. I’ve been hoarding this dress since October 2010 and didn’t open the pkg until now, haha.

Since I got her all dressed up, we had to go outside to take advantage of the spring flowers in the yard! I was on my knees and got covered in pollen (thank goodness I’m not allergic to pollen!), but I loved how the photos turned out. Dollies and flowers are just so perfect to photograph together.

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Blythe Fest 2013 Dress

20130426 for Blythe Fest

My contribution to Blythe Fest 2013 in Sydney. I hope whoever ends up with it will like it!

Lovely little signature xoxoBlythe sweater dress is knitted in Peruvian Highland wool in lime green, accented with a velveteen ribbon. Snap closure in the back. Head band made of a pale-green velventeen ribbon, elastic, felt leaves, and a vintage navy blue floral button from my personal collection.

Thanks so much Angelique and the folks at Blythe Fest for asking me, it was an honor to be a sponsor!

Meet Gibby… Again

20121215 Miss Globe Trekker

Hi Gibby! ^___^

She may look familiar to you… yes it’s Gibby, my Tailor Gibson! I decided to send her over to Kate at Chantilly Lace Customs for a makeover. I’ve always adored Kate’s work, so I was really happy to get on her wait list and so excited when she contacted me to send Gibby over!

Kate did such a great job. Gibby has such a lovely little smile that I can’t stop looking at her! Kate worked with me to really make Gibby just the way I wanted. I love her earthy coloring and all her eye colors too. Gibby arrived just in time for Christmas, and it felt like she was a brand new dolly again. I am so happy with how she turned out.
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New Girl in the House

Oh my! How much more Middie cuteness can you handle?! #blythe #doll

Oh my! How much more Middie cuteness can you handle?!

Apparently, I couldn’t resist after three or so years. I had been avoiding Middies at doll meets because, well, I just didn’t want to get sucked in! But after seeing a few at the most recent meet, I caved.

I just happened to catch a last-minute order at HLJ for Jackie Ramone before they were sold out.

I think her name is going to be Scout…!

Valentine Tea Blythe Meet

20130217 Blythe Meet

We had the best time at the Valentine’s Tea Meet today! Deeya / Mismatchfusion was so generous to open her home to us and our girls. Lots of great food, great people, and wonderful dolls all together, plus a raffle to end the afternoon! It was so very perfect.

I donated a handmade outfit set for the raffle:
20130211 almost ready

More Photos in my Flickr set!

Coffee, Tea, or Edith?

20120907 Coffee, Tea, or Edith?

We love our new Puppy52 dress! Edith, my MSR is wearing it here along with some of my favorite teacup sets. The brown set is actually designed by mid-century ceramist Edith Heath, who is my Edith’s namesake 🙂

Feature Friday Girl!

Cassady is the Feature Friday girl of Oh Strumpets Blythe today!

She is one of my favorite girls (shh!) because I customized her to the fullest, including re-rooting her autumn-hued hair, giving her special “P-chips,” “P-ring,” and painting her faceup. Go read more about her at Oh Strumpets Blythe!

The Magic Hour

20120415 alex 1

I took Alex outside in the yard with me on a nice Spring evening, a little before the sun was about to set. The hour before sunset is the “Magic Hour,” because the light is just really amazing.

20120415 alex 2

I’m really happy with her! Her coloring is lovely and she photographs so well with all the spring flowers in my yard!

20120415 alex 3

Alex with some blooming alstroemeria.

20120415 alex 4

All the traipsing around is tiring! Let’s take a nap on the grass 😀
Have a lovely day everyone!

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Alex’s dress is made by Hsin/Miss72

Meet Alex!

20120401 Alex: 1

Meet Alex, a new xoxoBlythe girl!

Alex arrived sometime last week. I haven’t brought a new girl into the family since Summer 2010 so she was a breath of fresh air 🙂 “Where did she come from? What kind of Blythe is she?” You may ask. Well, her exact origins are unknown – Alex is a little mystery. A very nice friend arranged for Alex to travel from Asia to San Francisco and then to LA to join the xoxoBlythe household. All I know is, she has had enough traveling and is ready to settle down for good.

20120401 Alex: 2

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