Portland, you have my heart!

“Ahoy, mateys!”

Paige and I are back from Portland with such fond memories and so much more love for Blythe and the community. This was my first BlytheCon, but definitely not my first time being a vendor. I’ve attended quite a few handmade craft shows as a vendor, and I have to say BlytheCon was a smashing success and I could not have asked for a better experience!

It was so amazing to finally meet friends I have known since I started this hobby back in 2003. But as soon as we met, it was as though we’ve all known each other forever. Chun, Jordana, Sherri, Rebecca, Ruth, Katie, Diem, Valerie, Julie, Mayzie – meeting in person was just a formality! And it was also fun when I actually heard someone’s voice and I expected them to sound different. 🙂

I was so happy to see some lovely folks again – Paul & Melissa who flew up to Portland with me, Leah who shared a table with me, Poohie whom I hadn’t seen since 2004, Becca when she came to LA for a visit, and all the LA peeps too! And it was so great to meet all the new friends I’ve come to know on Flickr, Twitter and Facebook. So much excitement and happiness all crammed into two very short days, I wish it could have been a whole week. To be honest, I didn’t get to see much of Portland at all, but boy did I leave my heart there with all the great people and wonderful memories.

Chun and Jade’s room at the Ace. My room was not nearly as fun or colorful!

Next morning, lining up outside Venue Pearl and having too much fun!

Poohie setting up her table. Love the mini bunting!!

Ruth setting up her table & getting ready for EuroTrash madness!

Chun and Jade. Chun was like a little doll I want to put in my pocket & run away with ;P

SammyDoe and Becca/SewPixie

Melissa’s ingenious dolly-carrier backpack!

Sherri and Rebecca! Love these ladies!

Diem/TinyHaus took this photo of me at my table! Thanks Diem!

Everyone mingling and having fun!

Paige at the McMenamins Kennedy School! It was such a cool place!

The Ace Hotel lobby at 7am when I left for the airport.

Thank you Portland, thank you BlytheCon Portland peeps (what a phenomenal job!!!), thank you to the Seattle crew who are the sweetest bunch in the world, and thanks everyone who bought something from my table, it means SO much to me. I already wish I can turn back time!

Definitely one of the best and most memorable events in my life.

20110622 BlytheCon goods

Lots more photos can be viewed in my Flickr set – and of course, the BlytheCon 2011 Flickr group.

3 responses to “Portland, you have my heart!

  1. It was such a BLAST 😀 So nice to look at your recap XD

  2. great photos of the event! I am amazed I even made it to blythecon. love your recap & I agree it was special to meet all the people in person that we have all corresponded with over the years!
    Are you going to BlytheCon 2012 in Texas? Hope so would love to see you there!

  3. Chun & Barbara, I had the best time too! It was so lovely to meet you both. Hope I will see you at a future BlytheCon soon!

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