Our first knitted dress

After knitting for Blythe for nearly six(!) years, doing cardigans and hats, I finally decided to give dresses a try. Leigh is wearing our first test dress – which is pretty much just a modified hat! 🙂

I knitted in the round from the bottom up in a lace pattern, decreased accordingly, and when it’s almost near the waist line, i knitted straight instead of in the round, going back & forth. When it came to the sleeves, I cast on extra stitches and went up from there, did a few rows of ribbing and then bound off. One thing I love about knitted garments is they have a bit of a stretch, so if you knitted a little too tight or too loose, it’s almost impossible to tell. The bodice didn’t take very long, but the skirt part took forever!

For a first dress, I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out. I really like the yarn I’m using which is Spud and Chloe Fine, a gorgeous wool & silk blend. One skein will probably make 3-4 dresses!

Now that it’s getting warmer here in California, I will most likely switch from knitting people-size to Blythe size. At least I have 25 girls to knit for. 😉

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