Settling in

The dollies are out too... Still have 12 more boxed. Need to make more shelf space

Phew, I finally got a chance to sit down and sort things out a bit. So most of you know that I’ve moved! Not far from where I was, just a little bigger house and now I have my very own office/craft/dolly room! Yippee!

We officially moved about a month ago and it took a while to put things in their rightful place, and that includes my room too. There are still a bunch of boxes in here and things are still in disarray, but I’m slowly getting them organized.

A few corners of my new room:

Quick shot of the craft room getting all set up

Everything vintage

The craft book shelf

The dollies moved into their new space today. Finally a doll cabinet after nearly 9 years

The dollies moved into their new space last weekend. Finally a doll cabinet after nearly 9 years! It’s the IKEA SMÅDAL Bookcase with drawer and optional glass doors. I love it! The drawer on the bottom fits all their designer outfits too! I also bought them new Kaiser doll stands (metal, so no melting of feet/shoes into the plastic stands). The KBs and BLs are on the top shelf, followed by the EBL and SBLs, and the third shelf has all my RBL girls.

I’m so happy to have them all out and protected by dust. Can you tell there are 27 dollies in there? Most people (including doll friends) can’t believe I have this many dolls. Like the typical crazy doll lady that I am, I say hi to them when I come into the room! It just makes me smile to see their cute little faces every time I walk into my happy space. I haven’t been taking photos of them in a while – now that they are all out on the shelf where I can see them every day, I hope to spend some time giving them all outfit changes and hopefully lots more attention 🙂

Oh and if you haven’t noticed – has a new look and a new home! I decided to move back to after some maintenance issues with my webhost. I like it here so far. It’s been fun to set everything up!

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  1. I also am setting up my own dust free space for my girls, but still have about 60 blythe girls & many other dolls. I bought different glass enclosed IKEA cabinets, but like you I love them. You look much further along than I am & eventually I want to get my group of blythe down to 30 girls or so. Less would be welcome, but so hard to part with them as I too love their smiling faces when I walk into a room. Welcome back to Blogspot. I am also here.

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