New Pattern and Fashion Portfolio Update


I added a new pattern to the site: All Spruced Up, inspired by vintage Skipper. The Fashion Portfolio has also been updated.

One response to “New Pattern and Fashion Portfolio Update

  1. Dre

    My Blythe doll, Imogen is going to love her new dress! Thank you for your wonderful site. I will make sure to give your site credit when I am asked where Imogen’s new outfit came from. When I was reading your “about” section it felt like I was reading about myself when I found Blythe. I have 2 dolls. One is a Blythe (Imogen) and the other is a Pullip (Lady Penelope). You and I both live in Los Angeles so I thought it would be fun to share with you pictures I have taken of my girls. They have had adventures around LA from the Oscars to Pinkberry to the Getty Museum. You can see them at (Imogen) and And of course when I am finished with Imogen’s dress, it will be seen in an adventure on her site.

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