Closet Organization

Phew. I spent 3 hours this afternoon organizing the girls’ clothes. I had them semi-organized in a chaotic fashion (I knew where everything was), but it was slowly getting out of hand! So I decided to go through all their clothes and organize them for good.

I started with three piles: factory-made (Takara), vintage, and handmade (the largest). Then I tackled the Takara pile first – separated them into different stock sets and put them in all individual ziploc bags. Now I can go to the French Trench bag for the blue dress, the Love Mission bag for the blue shirt & tie, the Samedi Marche bag for the apple apron, etc. No more digging around! Next was the vintage items – Barbie, Skipper, and other various unknowns. Those were easy.

The biggest pile was the handmade, and I am very proud to say so – I love handmade dolly clothing and I love supporting fellow dolly seamstresses! Soon I was sitting on the floor with itty bitty dresses, pants, tops, hands, skirts all over! I should have taken a photo but I was having too much fun. I ended up separating the handmade clothes by designers, putting them in ziploc bags and then boxed, as you can see above. I also have a big gallon size that has one-offs, and another for everything I’ve made – prototypes and seconds – the girls get to keep.

Now I can see what I have and dress the girls better! Just in time, too. We’re looking forward to a meet next weekend. I wonder who will be coming along with me to meet new friends? 🙂 We’ll be bringing a big bag of stuff to give away!

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